I'm not feeling the jewelry vibes

For the past year or so I've been wearing this steel necklace I got on eBay for a few bucks with a silver pendant that I inherited from my mom.

I've had the pendant for years and only recently (a couple years after getting into watches) I thought that I should try a necklace to compliment the watch.

I really liked it at first but it's been causing irritation on my neck so for now I'm taking it off and I'm actually surprised how much nicer it feels without it.

I might try a different metal someday but I also find it physically annoying sometimes so I might only wear it on special occasions.

And I'm kind of thinking that I anyways look better without it.

I've heard girls say they like accessories on a guy but that's not a big concern for me.

I really like simplicity in clothing. Not too much going on.

Actually the most attention I get from women is when I wear a dress shirt and pants. And I don't think that kind of outfit needs much jewelry anyways.

I also haven't worn a ring in many years.

I actually think that not wearing any other jewelry brings more attention to the watch.

Recently I'm really enjoying the sporty vibes of the colorful g shock. Just very casual and comfy with sweat pants and a tee.


Photo taken just as my cat Luna was stealing the necklace.

Super awesome stuff. Thanks for sharing

I've long felt that a watch is the primary accessory for men. For women, a watch is like an extra add-on. I can't stand wearing just about any jewelry except earrings, I can rock those without a problem.

I hear you on the jewelry issue, but the pendant that your mom gave you deserves to be worn. Maybe find a good sterling silver neckless or a high quality stainless steel neckless. Problem is the nickel that is in a lot of chains. It's almost always in low quality chains and in some fake silver chains.

A lot of people including myself are allergic to it. So I only wear sterling silver