Have you given watches as gifts? Was it expensive?

I once gave my buddy a new Burei (very boring brand) watch for no reason. He just saw it on my desk and I told him he could have it.聽

I've been thinking in the future I should actually give some watches out for birthdays etc.聽

But I don't want to get them something they won't really love. - So I was thinking I could just let them pick one from my own collection and then order a replacement for myself. 馃聽

I've given a couple watches away and inadvertently started a tradition.聽

I had an automatic diver that I liked the specs on, but the color just wasn't doing it for me, so I gave it to the nephew as a high school graduation gift. The look on his face was a thing of beauty and a memory I'll carry forever.聽

Now, I need to gift watches to my other nieces & nephews & grandkids on their graduations; which is totally fine. This allows me to indulge my hobby & passion while getting them a timepiece they can own & potentially pass on to their kids.聽

Depending on the person, I will either select a collection watch and then upgrade the piece for my collection or I will buy them a new one (the ladies mostly in this case). 聽

@HotWatchChick69 wrote a great post on this topic! 聽He gave the wrong watch but it was still a supremely kind gesture.聽

Everyone knows that I am the watch man in my circle of friends and family. 聽I always buy watches as gifts for birthdays. 聽Mostly g shocks because the recipent can always use one. 聽I have purchased Arabic dial seikos to my mum and sister as birthday presents. 聽Something different because of the dial and the smaller 34mm case. 聽I had a shanghai branded vintage watch which I loved but didn't get much wrist time, my friend loved it so i gifted it to him and he wears it today from time to time. 聽 He sends a pic when he has it on. 聽It is more rewarding for me that he has it and making more use of it than me.聽

Yes, to my wife. About $130. It was a nice Seiko quartz. She鈥檚 not into watches like me so a mechanical movement would be lost on her. It was all about the dial and the fit and finish of the case, which Seiko does a nice job on. She loved it.

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yes of course. not really expensive watch for a colleague:

  1. duro

2. pressage


I've given four.聽

An Orient Maestro to my nephew.

A Hamilton Field Khaki Mechanical to one of my closest friends.

A Christopher Ward Trident black Pro 600 titanium auto to my oldest son.

A Seiko 5 SBSA093 to my daughter. 聽That was spur of the moment. 聽I bought it hoping she would like it and would want it, but I didn't want to force it on her so I bought a watch I'd like too. When I opened the box, she loved it, and I handed it to her and said it's yours.

I have. Most of them were Casios and G-Shocks. They鈥檙e tough and can take a beating. Goes well with anything (Except for a blue suit) LOL.

I鈥檝e also gifted a Seiko 5 too.聽


waves a big card detailing every occasion for dugong that would merit a watch in front of @UnholiestJedi

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I鈥檝e given away some vintage pieces and modern Tissots and Hamiltons.聽

Think as if you are going to gift yourself. Set a budget and then divide it by 10. Now that you have a number in mind.. Google for Swiss automatic brands.. finding none.. look for Japanese.. and finally settle down for another Casio from Walmart.聽

A Cat and his watch 馃憤.

Everything is better with cats.

I gave my Seiko Alpinist to my dad. He's given me so much so it felt good to give back.聽

I gave a swatch to a friend because it was too loud. the tic tac of the watch was horrible I could hear it at 20m away even if I am deaf. One day he said he loved it so I gived him the watched.聽

I've gifted a few watches. Giving a watch IMO says you value the time you spent or spend with that person聽

Here is a few

Wife Rolex Datejust & YachtMaster A pink dial OP is what I am blowing up my AD for these days (like 2 years) Milestone B Day next year - this would be great as a gift

Submariner to friend who was a SEAL聽

Gave away my SBGA463 on Friday to my friend for being a brother to me.聽

Marathon GSAR to another good friend聽

Explorer I 36mm to my daughter聽

3 G Shock & a Promaster Diver to my son (He will receive a Planet Ocean 600m someday because he loves it )聽

G Shock Tough Solar to a friend who retired and just loves them聽

Probably more but can't remember. I love gifting watches as much as buying them for myself.


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