The Reverso and Polo

The JLC Reverso is a gorgeous watch imo. Maybe one day I’ll own one.

It’s been said that the Reverso case was created to protect the crystal from the possible impact of playing Polo. That’s all good and well but what about the movement? Even today we are told we shouldn’t be playing impact sports whilst wearing watches (unless you‘re Rafa Nadal or Bubba Watson with your highly engineered Richard Mille). What would have happened with a watch absorbing such an impact in the 1930’s? A cracked crystal would have been the least of your worries, surely? Is it just a marketing thing? Have any Reverso owners ever asked their AD’s if it would invalidate their warranty? 

image: Monochrome Watches


I'd just be worried about getting water in it.  Can you imagine if it ruined it?

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