Sunday Watch Photos

Its a cold and windy end to the weekend here in the UK - hope it’s nicer wherever you are…a good excuse to take some watch photos (as if I needed a reason, right??)

On screen today: The Go0fy Panda Chronograph by Studio Underd0g


What a looker. I haven't heard of this brand before (?) How does it look on the hand?


@Nanday . They’re a microbrand based out of the UK. Started during the pandemic. Probably most noted for their ‘watermelon’ watch. There’s a waiting list while the new batch is being readied for order, I believe. The new batch is called the Gen 2 but the only difference seems to be a (much) higher quality strap. It’s small for a chronograph 38mm (the dimensions are on the website). Handwound movement. 500GBP.