Grail watches

I’m currently in watch heaven in BKK Paragon shopping centre in Siam area of BKK . I haven’t posted all the watches Ive witnessed and tried on , just the ones I might actually be able to afford ( Just the $58000 dollar US white gold Patek) I cannot afford that watch but the people were lovely in the Patek Boutique. Anyway I tried on the Tudor Ranger and in the flesh it is beautiful 😻. If I bite the bullet I will post it on NWA 🙂 More fun than anything I’ve experienced in a while watch browsing. The Lange boutique was awesome but it was one customer at a time in the Boutique ( read glass Strongroom / safe ) so I didn’t go inside but the manager came out and we chatted about our favourites , there was a Chinese guy looking at a selection of watches in the “ Boutique “ . BKK is awesome for watch shopping. Rolex didn’t let me in as I didn’t have on a “ mask” so I declined going in . Security outside was polite but I found the experience “cold” in comparison to Lange and Patek being warm and friendly. So in conclusion, if you get the opportunity to come here , don’t hesitate, I am sure that the Rolex shop is worth it also , I already put my name down at Sydney for an Explorer 1 which I tried on .


Seems like you are having fun. That is quite the range....I would go for broke and get that Patek😜