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Window Shopping in Pattaya :)

Staying in JomTien we went back into Central Shopping centre and spent too much money . These are some of the watches my wise wife didn’t allow me to...
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Handsets on dials

I don’t know about the watch communities in general scope , but if I dislike the handset on an otherwise beautiful watch , I won’t touch it . There ar...
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Ranger the lone one in the shop too …

Well it was love at first sight. Not boring, feels solid , feels and looks like a million bucks ! I will definitely be selling a couple of watches to...
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Chronos14 commented on In Praise of Tropical Dials (Love in the Ruins*) ·

Peter’s video he did on his chocolate dial Sinn 556 I found gorgeous as a new colour variation! Now seeing the tropical dials , I instantly already liked them from desiring a Sinn 556 in Choc sunburst!

Chronos14 commented on Who decides the pricing at Tag Heuer? ·

Tag are having a tug

Chronos14 commented on I shall name thee Lucas - The Prince of Darkness ·

Morris Minor was the car I learned to drive a manual in , and also see in the dark !

Chronos14 commented on I shall name thee Lucas - The Prince of Darkness ·

I got one to do wrist thi chi lol 😂 my wife wears it to work in a thai kitchen and it’s still alive so thats one good point in its favour :)

Chronos14 commented on I admit it: I bought this Pagani Speedy homage to flip, but now I'm keeping it! ·

As my old dad used to say , if your not enjoying life your a bloody fool because for all we know we’re dead a long time ( with a smile ) make of that statement metaphysically what you will , very entertaining taking us through your thought processes, I recognised myself 🙂 thanks for the great article !

Chronos14 commented on Does size matter? ·

Looks retro shique . Just say it’s my own gene es aquire 🙂 I wouldn’t explain beyond that 😂. It looks cool 😎

Chronos14 commented on What is your best original watch box in you collection? ·

Yes ! I get that the Zenith is a brilliant watch , but I want to pay for the watch not the box as my watches go into a high end carbon fibre watch display case / jewellery box anyway…

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Grail watches

I’m currently in watch heaven in BKK Paragon shopping centre in Siam area of BKK . I haven’t posted all the watches Ive witnessed and tried on , just...
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Well , as I am about to fly out to BKK Thursday, I am keen to go to the big boutiques , and a Tudor Ranger is on my radar… can anyone with a small wri...
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Hamilton Pilot & Chronograph

Hamilton 36 mm Pilot and 40 mm Pilot Chronograph. Doe anyone own these watches and can anybody give me a recommendation of fit , comfort and quality f...
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I believe this brand flies under the radar being German not Swiss . I sold a Stowa Flieger and am contemplating one of their Chronographs. Any ownersh...
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Perfect Six watch collection

If you could pick any six watches what would they be ? Mine are : A Vacheron Overseas in Blue , A Rolex Explorer 1 in 36 mm and Explorer 2 Polar dial...
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Titanium Yacht master ? Did anyone get one of these ?

Rolex Rockinghorse doo doo with Hen’s teeth glued in with a Unicorn horn to boot !
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I enjoy my watch collection, it isn’t full of flex , not that I don’t love them all , I want to put the question , from the collection, which watches...
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