Classy and affordable elegance. SNXS79J1

Purchased this two weeks ago and it has been getting more wrist time, what a stunning time piece! Rolamy oyster bracelet upgrade from Ali Express arrives in a day or two. Can't wait!


Photo by Chronomancer_85


Congrats, bud! 🍻 She truly is a beauty. 😍 I've had one since October 2021, and she never disappoints. Some of us who own a timepiece in the SNXS7x series just finished celebrating these gorgeous watches last September 4-10, dubbed the SNXS7x Week #snxs7xweek. We posted a wrist shot daily on WRUW, and we each wrote a post on the last day of why we love our SNXS7x timepiece. Here's mine... 

I've chosen to continue celebrating by wearing my #snxs79 for the whole month #snxs7xmonth. Here's the shot I just shared today on WRUW...


Cheers bud! 🍻