The Andrew Grima Omega De Ville

I was just checking in again on the book published in 2020 on Andrew Grima and noticed it was marked down now from $85 to a much more reasonable $28 - so I thought I would post in case any of you, like me, are fans of Andrew Grima's work for Omega.

Here's the link to Amazon:

Andrew Grima: The Father of Modern Jewellery: Grant, William: 9781788841061: Books

Quoting liberally from the article in A Blog To Watch (here is the link to the complete article: A New Book On Andrew Grima, A Great Watch Designer You’ve Probably Never Heard Of | aBlogtoWatch

"In the early to mid-1970s, British designer Andrew Grima created two of the most groundbreaking and rarest watch collections of the 20th century. The first, for Omega, was conceived in 1969 and is perhaps the most avant-garde collection of timepieces in the history of the watch."

"The watches were handmade in the Grima workshop using a brass block to represent the Omega movement. This avoided the problem of it getting clogged with dirt and gold filings. When the watch cases were completed, a few goldsmiths would travel from London to the Omega headquarters and fit the movements with the aid of the Swiss watchmakers. Everything about the process was unique; the designs, the stones, and the artisanship."

"Precious and semi-precious stones were used to make the watch glasses, including rock crystal, moonstone, smoky quartz, rutilated quartz, aquamarine, citrine, peridot, and green and pink tourmaline. These were supplied by Gustav Caesar of Idar-Oberstein, who brought in special cutters to create the unusual and innovative shapes and sizes. The stonecutters had no clue as to the end purpose of these strange commissions."

"Grima’s collaboration with Omega was the most challenging but also the most rewarding phase of his career. The resulting About Time collection was the ultimate expression of his genius, eclipsing anything he achieved before or since."

If you have never seen these references, they are quite distinctive and incredibly well made. 

Here are two I have in my collection:


Hope this was an interesting read for those of you interested in vintage watches and vintage Omega.


Really pretty watches...I'm jealous.


I love that blue one, absolutely gorgeous mate 😮


Thank you for posting , learned something cool about omega I never knew :)