What is your yearly budget for watch purchases?

Or how do you justify watch purchases? What is your watches spending habit?


I don't have a budget. I don't have to justify my watch purchases. When I see a watch I like, if I have the funds to get it, I either talk myself into getting it, or I don't.

Been trying to talk myself into a new Planet Ocean for a couple of months now.


I let myself buy watches until I hit 5% of my net worth and now I’m not allowed to buy watches until I get richer


There was a similar subject for a post here about a month or so ago.

At that time I voted sub £500 budget and commented that I was in a small minority and taking it slowly.

Last week I spent just over £4k on a Pelagos.

That rather blew my own rule out of the window!

So this time I voted B !


I got back into watches about six months ago. My personal system below:

Don’t think too hard $1,000 and under

Need a milestone or accomplishment to justify $1,000+

With these mental gymnastics, I’ve bought something like 9 watches (sold back 5) within the last six months, none over 1k. Also have two Lorier watches on pre-order. I may consolidate several pieces into a more substantial one or two. Next year is our 10 year anniversary, looking to add a 114270 Explorer to the mix.


I don’t really have a budget. When I buy a new watch, I usually sell at least one other watch, so the money stays in the system. Last year alone I bought watches for around 25.000€, but I also sold watches for 15-18k€. That means the amount I really spent from my income was the difference: 7-10k€.


Have about a $8,000/year watch budget. Buy what I want, when I want within that, based on cash on hand. 2023-24 will see me buy:

TUDOR Pelagos 39 M25407N-0001-$4600

NIVADA Chronoking 87033M-$2195

MONTA Noble-$1795

SECOND HOUR Mandala Burst~$600