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8.27” / 21.00 cm Wrist
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Sport watch

I’ve been looking for a sports watch that looks classy but also can be seen as niche and high end. In my failure to find a watch i’ve decided that i’m...

My starter watch

This was my first proper watch that I got from an india based company called Titan. They have many watches ranging from below $50 to above $500 and I...

Watch strap

I’ve been surfing many watch brands to get my next watch but one thing that is always an issue is the watch strap so I want to know whether there are...

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commented on Who's in on this beauty? ·

I get where your coming from but their original release of the 11 or so moonswatchs were pretty well designed. To be fair these are meant to be omega speedmasters for people who either lack the funds to purchase a speedmaster or just don’t feel like paying that much for the watch.

commented on Moonswatch ·

the mission to pluto or mission to saturn

commented on Swatch mission ·

pluto actually is pretty nice

commented on Swatch mission ·

that’s what i was going to get but i wanted some outside opinion

commented on Opinion needed ·

that’s great

commented on Help ·

just looking for a company that does similar designs and just has more outstanding watch designs like seatch

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What is this thing

Whenever i’m just scrolling on instagram I keep seeing this type of watch where the screen is on the side and i’m just wondering what everybody thinks...

Swatch mission

Thinking about getting a swatch x omega collab mission watch but don’t know which one
24 votes ·


I desperately need help with finding a watch brand that has similar design types to swatch but is better quality

My birthday

My birthday is coming up soon and I’m planning to ask my parents to get me a watch. I need some suggestions. One thing is that i’m not really looking...

Should I Buy it

I’ve been constantly seeing advertisements about these new swatch watches which do look pretty nice so I was wondering which one i should buy. I’m not gonna include the green as it just doesn’t look t...
28 votes ·

Opinion needed

So i’ve recently been searching for watches that i would want and a type of watch i do really want is one with a red dial similar to the one on top. I...