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6.69” / 17.00 cm Wrist
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You're broke and you crave a small chronograph.

What do you pick?
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Finding balance

Since getting my Alpinist, I haven't been wearing my "Kexplorer" (K for "Korean") much. Being a clomage is a minor thing; more important to me is the...

A joke,

that isn't strictly watch-related, but it sure does remind me of a certain brand founded in Switzerland by a Pole and a Frenchman. 😀

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commented on saskman's WRUW ·

I wonder how would a bronze bezel look on a steel watch, since the bezel is transformed most by the patina. But the colour effect with steel would be definitely novel.

commented on zohaib's WRUW ·

I never got extended date windows, but I do get it here. It's a smiley face!

commented on G-Shock ·

Ya, first G deffo Square or Casioak.


  • For small medium wrists

  • Classic shape

  • Basic G has basic functions and some quirks like a recessed A button, but there are many variants with solar, bluetooth, radio, and combinations thereof


  • Noticeably bigger, but not too big for a medium wrist

  • Analogue legibility (if you pick one with a good contrast

  • Back light can be used as an improvised torch

  • Doesn't have the Square's quirks and gains a few more functions, but sports a miniscule, usually negative auxiliary display

  • Also available with bluetooth and solar

commented on thewatchdad's WRUW ·

Simply lovely.

commented on Watch related tattoos? ·

I fell on my knee on a some cinder and I didn't scrub all of it out, does that count as a tattoo?

commented on Bengaku's WRUW ·

Flieger crown, field case, divee dial, rally strap. It really is four watches in one. 😀

commented on iommi30's WRUW ·

A niche watch, but if Swatch approximated it with a quartz movement and sold it for 200 €, it would perhaps be more popular than Thrifty Fathoms. I love the case and the strap. The dial is a nice bonus.

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