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Kit-Cat Klok!

So this has been around since 1932, and I’d like to know your thoughts on it… I find it very fun and classic, that’s definitely something that I’d han...

First vintage & first Omega, but got ripped out of my wrist

So, here’s the thing…. I went to a watch shop on a recent trip (actually where I also saw the other Omega Constellation I posted recently with water d...

How many of you have a folder in your phone dedicated to watch photos?

I’ve gathered a few photos from whenever I visit ADs, watch shops or boutiques, even whenever I borrow a friend’s watch for a few seconds…. You never know said photo could come in handy right?
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commented on Hodinkee Casio ·

Do you have any more photos to share? I’m curious to see more of it in the real life, not press photos…. I’m drawn to the color combination, I think that’s so 80s and I’m here for it.

commented on RobertLee3rd's WRUW ·

This watch, in my opinion, is incredibly comfortable….

commented on IlDuce's WRUW ·

Elegance at its best! That is one fine timepiece!

commented on Show me your Seiko 5's! ·

You call it humble, I call it classy and with a metric ton of personality…. That is one amazing watch that stands out!

commented on Kit-Cat Klok! ·

Thank you!!

commented on Kit-Cat Klok! ·

Recently bought a pair…. I’ve seen some photos of crazy customization too, but I don’t know if it’s a company, and invidual, or some talented person with free time.

commented on Cgmiliani's WRUW ·

You’re right about that. However, I find myself inclining towards aesthetics… functionality is sometimes put on the back burner…. It also depends on the watch. Am I digressing?I am.

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Does dial aging/patina bothers you?

So I’m a fan of the vintage Omega watches, specially the Pie Pan Constellation models. A couple of days ago I saw this piece in a local watch workshop...

Asking for watch box recommendations

Hello fellow crunchers…. Which brands you recommend for watch boxes? I’m looking for a low-tier and a mid-tier to see where my budget can take me… May...

What’s the best strap for a rose gold watch?

So I recently bought this Tag Heuer WAS2151 which has a rose gold bezel and rose gold applied arabic numbers… and it got me thinking… What would be th...