Old friend

Hi everyone馃憢. First i would like to show you the watch my mom gave me in high school. For about 12 years I wore it for classes at school and university. I took my exams with Lorus on my wrist, played football and went on dates. Lorus also accompanied me in my first job. Watch has many scratches but is reliable. From what I remember it has a Seiko quartz movement, 100 wr, 40 mm case and a simple dial with numbers that remind me of a 90' cars dashboard. I've replaced straps, battery and once the seal and it still works perfect. 聽I have many memories with this watch.聽

Until one day I got an automatic and it all started...

(Btw I use Google translate and hope the text have acceptable quality 馃槄)

I love first watch stories. So much more valuable than any expensive watch I think. Nice simple elegant watch.