That watch you Wanted then wore. 馃槴

What鈥檚 that watch you had to have only to hate later on your wrist or after you saw 聽in person? 馃あ聽

16750 Explorer 2. Fawned over it online forever and tired one on about 6 months ago. Noooo thanks.聽

AB0118A11L1X1 | British Racing Green | Bentley | Premier B01 | Breitling |  Review

It was like a frickin' hockey puck on the wrist! 聽And the 2 o'clock pusher broke after 1 month of ownership! 聽

I was on the waiting list for the Submariner Bluesy. 聽It came in, and did not love it. 聽The deal breaker was the clasp. 聽The clasp with the micro adjustments was too big. 聽It was as wide as my wrist - did not like and sold it.

This one.


The Citizen Promaster Land GMT BJ7086-06E.

I had to have it. Almost as soon as I got it, I regretted purchasing it. It felt like a lump on my wrist; very top heavy, and the internal compass bezel moves if a slight breeze hits the crown. Luckily, my brother loved it and happily accepted it as a gift.

Breguet Type XXI 3817, lovely looking and well made. Just looked too small on :-(

Not hating the watch just had to accept it doesn鈥檛 really suit me and it鈥檚 to small for my Wrist sadly. Nomos club campus 38mm


And all Royal Oaks.

In 2014, my AD at the time offered me a Royal Oak for purchase.

Just hated it. 聽It felt stupid to me...never sat well on my wrist, didn't feel like it fulfilled any purpose. 聽Too expensive to be a real sports watch, too informal to be a GADA watch.

My only regret turning it down was the fact that it appreciated as much as it did.

The real lesson is that if you want to make money as a watch flipper, just do the opposite of what I do.

Wanted more a while and waited for my AD to get one in, just loved the look but its just to big.聽


Max Bill Chronoscope; hate is far too strong a word, as I still very much admire this piece (particularly the font on the dial). 聽Was simply too big (it's all dial), too thick, and with the Valjoux 7750 too damn loud/distracting with the rotor. 聽Ended up selling it and actually making a bit of a profit.


Sapphire speedmaster, night and day difference from my sub. It felt like a toy on wrist.聽

Audaz Seafarer. I'm not haring it, it doesn't work for me. Too big and the clasp is stiff and chuncky


Taking about "Catch and Release" here eh? 聽A small collection of Seiko Monsters that I kept buying even though I knew the size and style just didn't work for me. 聽I think I had one of each color at the time because they were super cheap for a while.

Tutima Seven Seas. Too big lug to lug, so swapped for a Sinn 104 STi


Wimbledon. I could not get past the nine o'clock marker in person.聽


Ming 1706 slate. Bought it and loved it but it was just too small in my opinion. flipped it quick聽

Grand Seiko SBGM221


I obsessed over the dial and general GS finishing for months. Finally tried on at local AD... looked small on my wrist, felt fragile, and I鈥檓 pretty sure I scratched the case just putting it on for trial.聽