My nice-looking franken HMT came in today

So as i was parousing (← idk how to spell the word) eBay or Google images when i happened upon this. I knew that it was likely a franken watch but i really liked the design of it. I love crab lugs and i love California dials, and it was 40 bucks. Not a nothing purchase but the heck, right? It came with a pretty bracelet, but unfortunately i don’t think it could have been non-destructively adjusted, which is a shame because i really like it and it’s very unique.

Its dimensions are

  • Case diameter: 35.4 mm

  • Case length: 43.3 mm

  • Case thickness: 10.8 mm (including the domed acrylic

  • Strap width: 18 mm

I forgot the specs when it came in today but I can say that it wears very well for my 16¼ cm wrist.

A negative is that the case feels like chrome-plated brass. I kinda got hat feeling when i saw it in the listing, so again *shrug*. A big negative tho was that it came with shoulderless spring bars, that took me over an hour to finally disengage with a lot of dental floss. Like an idiot, i put them back on just so i could wear the thing. The only other criticisms i have is that the crab lugs are very tall, which isn’t pleasing from a side perspective, but isn’t the end of the world; and it has a bit of a louder tick than i am used to.

Interestingly, the movement has a ticking frequency that feels a little lower than my Vostoks, ~3 ticks per second. Looking at it from a maintanence perspective, that’s fine with me. Ditto the acryllic. I’m curious how long it will run for…

FYI the strap i have on it is a CNSwatchbands “Frogman”. I like the “Eastern” feel of the colors and it’s subtly. ‘Thinking i should get some more… I’ll eventually buy the watch a Bonklip, some non-jubilee, elegant bracelet to match it, and maybe a subtle single-pass strap or two at some point in the near future.

Hope you all are having a decent evening and that y’alll’s week hasn’t been crappy.




Nice watch!