Why so serious? Having fun with the Nomos Ahoi

Getting a red dial watch was something that's been slowly turning from a passing thought to a decision. I already have other colors in my collection, but no red watch ever caught my attention, partly because I thought they were trying to be too dramatic, using blood red fumée or sunburst for example, or simply because the design didn't appeal to me overall, which is what happened with the red AT. 


Then I saw an Ahoi while browsing Chrono 24 and decided that it ticked most of the boxes for me: 36mm, thin, a pastel coral red dial with clean Arabics and markers, some tangerine accents with the second's hand and on the neomatik word, with a design that is both modern, clean and most important: Not boring.


The transaction went smoothly and despite DHL almost losing the parcel it did reach me eventually. I must say that I'm impressed with the presentation. The leather wallet and box are well designed and of high quality and so are the straps, which I didn't use because I already decided to fit the Ahoi on a Nomos light grey suede strap.


I have no idea how often I'm going to wear the Ahoi, but from what I felt this morning when I wore it for the first time it may well be a good match for me.


Hi Claude! First of all congrats on your new watch and be sure that it is absolutely an awesome one. 

Currently I'm working on a youtube channel which I'm gonna talk mostly about design aspects of the wathes as an accessory that finishes your look.  

So for a red dial, I can say that this kind of pastel dials are looking more stunning than sunburst dials and Nomos carries those kind of popped colors pretty well.

However, they are getting more great on spring and summer. You can wear a red dial with; 

  • Dark blue jeans with light colors of shirts
  • A matching red tone polo shirts + light trousers
  • Gray/Dark or Light Blue/Red canvas or linen shorts with a long sleeved white linen shirts. 
  • A matching tone dark red cardigan or a jacket (for spring)

Since this red is pops out so much, some other elements need to be a little bit muted. 


☝🏻 here are a few examples.


Congrats on the watch. The Ahoi Neomatik is one of my favorite watches.  I've thought before that if I was ever to pick up two versions of the same watch, adding this version to my Blue SE was a top choice.