The AR and dial finish on the SN007 is very good

There is a slight chance for some rain today and I felt that under these conditions I'll be safer wearing a diver. The MSAR is back in the winder and I don't feel like wearing a bracelet. 


Wearing the San Martin 37mm 62MAS under a partially cloudy sky  gave me the opportunity to test how good the dial looks and how effective the AR is under different and quickly changing light conditions. The verdict? Both are very good, not just "good for their price" but very good, period.



I have a first generation San Martin 62MAS homage and the fit and finish really leave a lot to desire, but to be fair the price was not near what they charge now. I have recently purchased two San Martin models, an explorer homage and a ranger homage, and the fit and finish is amazing. The have really upped their game. I would say the current watches they put out are way better than most for the money spent. I've been eyeing the latest 62MAS and if I didn't have an Armida version that I absolutely love I would probably get one.