Sunbathing with a Yema and a Crocodylus niloticus

The miniature Nile crocodile is the only thing I kept with me from South Africa and it managed to survive several house moves until it found itself used as the backdrop for a not very successful photo shoot session.


It's still dark, gloomy and cold outside and I don't want to go out to freeze my butt or risk being devoured by a werewolf, and therefore I'll have my coffee in the comfort of the dining area. Indoor photography has its own problems because while I can set the color temperature of the Philips Hue lights to my liking, there's not much I can do about the light from the overhead pendant above the dining counter reflecting from the crystal.


There is also the overly excitable small cat who persist in trying to sniff sniff the display and I can see the few cog wheels he has in his small head engaging in a motion that will lead him to send the watch and crocodile into free fall.


So I'm wrapping up this indoor experiment after a quick wrist shot and writing it up under the topic of "further research is needed..."


A few things:

  1. Stay the fk away from crocodiles, no matter how small
  2. Even a super-curious cat should know better than to mess with a crocodile, no matter how small
  3. Dont let that crocodile swallow your watch, unless that’s what it take to keep it from swallowing you
  4.  I just can’t stress enough the danger of tiny crocodiles, no matter how small