Still one of the best watch Seiko ever made

For me the SARB017 is the ultimate Alpinist and is close to be the quintessential Seiko.

It's not exactly a dress watch, it's not a field watch and it's definitively not a "Japanese Explorer". It's a Seiko pure and simple.


It wears great on my wrist and stay comfortably in place even considering that its a bit too tubby to make a disappearing act. It look great with a dress shirt, it's fine with a T shirt and bare arms and for me it also has this relaxing look of "Absolutely not a Rolex or another YABDV".

To my eyes it also look a lot better than the newer SPB121. The color matched date window and lack of Prospex sub-branding are appreciated as much as the solid case back with its alpinist engraving and I would not trade these elements for the 70 hours power reserve of the newer models, which is a feature I neither need nor care about. The SARB017 will eventually become rarer and perhaps even forgotten but for me it will remain one of the best value watches ever made by Seiko.