Overcast with a slight chance of bronze

It's raining intermittently this morning and the sky is grey, preparing me for a gloomy Saturday. the wind is over so at least I can stay out and experiment with sapphire and reflections instead of wasting my time annoying random strangers on the internet.

The Zelos Horizons should be a good test subject for this experiment since it's vivid blue dial and warm bronze case are tailored made to provide some contrast to the overall greyness. It also feature an unusual polish for a bronze case on the top chamfer and sides, which is another reason why you should not automatically "force patina" on every bronze watch. Some of them are meant to be kept shinny.

However the photography experiment ended with a failure. I managed to catch "some" reflection on the crystal but nothing like the image of the overcast clouds that I intended. The fault lies with the AR coating of the Zelos, which is doing its job too well. I should have tried that with a non AR coated sapphire, such as the one of the CIGA Z.

Well, at least I tried. Time for one last wrist shot and back inside where it's warm and comfy.


#zelos always +1 imho


I'm really tempted to add a bronze watch to my stash. I think they look beautiful without the delicacy/dressiness you get from gold. Nice work.