Morning photography with Seiko and ColaReb (and coffee)

The hardest part of early morning photography isn't waking up at dawn. A lifetime of habit and a hungry cat are making sure I enjoy the sunrise on most mornings.

It's also not about which camera or equipment to use since I only own an aging Canon G12 and the only other equipment that I own is a small tripod that I rarely use.

The hardest part is dealing with the sun because my balcony is facing the east.


Dawn is the time I like to take slowly, alternating between light reading, enjoying the coffee and watching the sun rise while letting my mind wander, which always ends with deciding which watch to wear. Which is where the problem reveals itself because the Seiko SARB017 has a sapphire crystal devoid of any AR coating and the rising sun is turning it into a reflective or hazing mess. I'm glad for the lens adapter but even with the polarizing filter there are chances that either the crystal or the polished case will bounce too much light.


Lucky for me, this time I didn't have too many problems and I also wanted to focus on the ColaReb Perugia strap. The Perugia is the first strap I bought from Colareb because wearing the SARB017 on its original faux croc strap was a punishment that I was not willing to endure. I was not sure it will fit me because I only realized how thick it was when I opened the package. However ColaReb did a good job and despite it's 3mm thickness the strap is soft and contoured to my wrist without creasing or splitting. It does age and change color because the distressed rough exterior is picking up stains and wear and this is apparent on the keepers that gets more contact with desks and table's tops. I don't mind it because I think that it only add to the vintage and rustic look of this strap, which with its brown color manage to both complement and contrast with the green and gold dial of the SARB017.

Sadly, the Perugia was discontinued two years ago and currently there is no exact replacement in ColaReb portfolio. I'm lucky to own one and ColaReb quality ensure that it will be quite a time before I'll have to worry about a replacement.