GMT & DST may be too difficult for me to handle

Either I didn't manage to fully wake up this morning or GMT watches are too difficult for me to use. It's been the third time that I had to set my watch today. The first was when I noticed that I was still on DST time, the second when I realized that I forgot to set the date the last time I wore it and the third time when I began to suspect that I'm not on time for an online meeting and only then remembered to set the GMT hand.

Everything was so much simpler when I was young and only had to deal with sundials and clepsydra.

I had to look that one up,clepsydra thought it was some disease (that young men get馃槈). Clepsydra aside that's a hell of a great looking cool watch.

Don't look at me, I still have to look up videos on how to set a GMT watch!

If it helps, I set my GMT hand to GMT (timezone) and leave it there. 聽I set my hour and minute hands to the timezone I'm in. 聽If I need to track the time in a different timezone, I rotate the bezel by that timezone's offset to Greenwich Mean Time and read the GMT hour hand; clockwise for negative offsets, counterclockwise for positive offsets. 聽The only thing I need to remember or lookup is the offset for that timezone.

I am pretty convinced I am too stupid to tell the time on a GMT. 聽Something about 24 hour time on analog display just doesn't work with my brain.

Doesn't mean I'm not going to buy one but I'll probably be in your shoes.