A game of 369 (pt. 2)

The second roll of the dices in the 369 game landed with the Smiths Everest on top.

It's not really a Smiths and it's never been to the top and therefore it's more a pastiche than a true Explorer. It is however quite fetching with its gilt dial. It's also a bit smaller, much slimmer and a lot lighter than the San Martin SN021-G that I wore yesterday.

The gilt dial is easy to capture on camera and with a bit of luck it's also possible to get the shimmering effect on the logo and text. In my eyes, it's very elegant without turning into a tarted up wrist accessory like newer Explorer models. Of course opinions do differ, but one thing that is beyond dispute is that due to the bizarre order procedure adopted by Timefactors, it's actually harder to buy an Everest than to climb to its top.

It wears better than the San Martin on my wrist and it's easily the prettiest Explorer look alike that I own, but it's not my favorite. This place is reserved for the MT369 which I'll probably wear tomorrow.

Gorgeous. 馃槏

Still hope one day I can get one 馃槀聽

this one probably my favourite, too bad they always sold out 馃槩


this one probably my favourite, too bad they always sold out 馃槩

I suspect that most of them are already sold before the shop even open.

Smiths is an interesting brand... they don't make re-issues of the original Smiths watch that went to the Everest peak, but the instead replica vintage Rolex Explorers - its arguably much more famous competitor. And now they're selling replicas of the Universal Geneve Polerouter, another extremely famous and popular vintage watch. Honestly, I love this idea - a company making vintage replicas of famous but defunct watch designs, to scratch the itch for collectors who want those designs but can't afford the time to search or money for purchase, repairs and maintenance.

Sadly I hear a lot of negative things about the brand owner and its customer service, which really throws off cautious and on-the-fence prospective customers, like myself.

I bought my Tudor Ranger more because I liked my Smiths Everest than the Rolex Explorer! I really like the no nonsense 1016 printed style dial also and the Tudor is a big Everest improvement to me rather than an Explorer 1 . I still want an Explorer 2 white dial and no longer feel the need for the Explorer 1 .I love the 39 mm Ranger as the bracelet is amazing and it now allows me to put the Everest on an Artem Strap or sell it !