My Citizen Watch Story

Honestly, I'm not a fan of most of the Citizen watches coz they don't look that appealing for me(other than the promaster skyhawk and diver). But here's a story how I finally acquired one without any regrets.

One day, my wife and I visited one of the duty-free shops in Auckland city just to look at luxury/fashionable items. As we got in the watches section, my wife was thrilled as all of the Citizen watches were on sale that period! She never had a Citizen watch before and in order to get the 30% discount offer, you need to purchase at least two items with the same brand. So she urged me to get a Citizen watch for myself as she is grabbing one that she likes. 

As I looked at every Citizen watches, I couldn't find anything that sparks my interest until I stumbled across this certain one just hiding behind the back of the display. I look at it real close and then I remembered seeing this watch from the Long Island Watch's YouTube Channel.

There is something  about this watch that drawn me close and made me want to buy it. Not only it was on sale(paid for about $100 total), but just staring at the patterned dial alone looks very striking and elegant! Also love how the roman numerals being stretched just by giving it a lot more tasteful look. Feels good wearing it and now I am using it at work most of the time.

Thanks for reading! 

In case you're wondering the model of this watch: NH8350


Very elegant piece, nice find at a great price 👍