WotD: Certina DS Podium

Decided to wear my Certina DS Podium this morning. This was a great pick up several years ago for less than $300 considering it has an ETA 2824-2 movement. In today's market, finding a new watch with a 28,800 bph movement for less than $300 is really only going to happen on AliExpress. 馃槈

Very nice. Certina is definately an underappreciated Swiss brand. I have a quartz chronometer that, with having to adjust for DST twice a year, is never off by more than 13 seconds. All that for under 300 bucks a couple years ago.


Really like the dial of the dress watch.

The remark about Ali made me wonder whether I could find something reinvented along those lines on AliExpress. Perhaps I didn't try hard enough, but I could not. In particular, these angled minute indicators rarely show up on Ali at all. The ones who do use it are mostly toolwatches/sportswatches, or garish bling watches from the likes of Olevs and Oupinke. One watch I had not seen before that used the feature was a $20 mechanical watch from "winner", the 452; winner is a brand with terrible looking watches, this one is an odd one out.