They're Heeeerrre! Casio Vs. Skmei! The Next Challenge!

Well, the Skmei arrived today, and boy is it massive! Much larger than its competition, the Casio Illuminator.

I have modified the series of tests to compare the ruggedness and durability of these two watches. These tests are a scaled back version of the tests for the Iron Man and G Shock. The first and most obvious test is the impact test. Both of these watches will be dropped from a height of three meters onto a hard concrete surface.

The second test is a low temperature test, so both watches will be placed in the freezer overnight.

The third test is the dirt and grime test. I am taking a suggestion from @Scooby and am going to bury the watches in the ground overnight.

The watches are dirty, so I wanted to clean them up and test the water resistance of these watches for the fourth test. The watches will go through the washing machine with a load of laundry.

Now, I could have let them air dry, but where is the fun in that? Instead, I am drying them for the final test. They will go in the dryer with the load of laundry for the heat test, which is the final test.

Results to be posted later this weekend all at once instead of after each test this time. 馃槈

While I like that you want variety, I'd personally love to see the Skeme do the same tests as the Timex.聽

I understand if it's not practical or fun, but I love solid date that is directly comparible.

Also, Timex is best.... 馃ぃ


Sounds interesting! Looking forward to your results posting.馃憤

Is anyone running odds? 聽Lol.

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I loved the last installment, looking forward to the torture

The previous tests were amazing so this should be good.聽
Are you going to place them under intense lights and ask tough questions too?聽


This is gonna be cool!