Seiko SRPG35

I had stayed away from the new Seiko 5 series, not really being interested in either the SRPDs or the SRPEs, and I was on the fence about the SRPGs, but I could not resist the new SRPH33, so I got one. I have been very happy with my SRPH33, so I decided to get one of the SRPGs, the SRPG35, and again, I am very happy with it. I have it on a Barton canvas strap. Not sure if this will change my mind about the SRPDs or SRPEs; I just really am not a fan of the 5KX look.


i love srpg as well. they are the most proper field dial style in seiko 5 line for my perspective. i own snk809 first, its a good watch but the dial is too "flieger" to me (like the srph), and im not really a fan for snzg15 (dial isnt beautiful for my taste) and diametre is too big. so im very happy when seiko release this srpg series, check all the boxes in my head for a proper field watch


Looks good on that strap. 
I’m a fan of the new Seiko 5 line. So far I have the SRPH33, SBSA141, SRPG29, and SRPE61. 

I think the SRPE61 with its brushed bezel looks nice on this Islander bracelet.


I prefer the older, smaller size and that logo is not growing on me, but everything else is peachy keen.