Question for the WatchCrunch Community about eBay Price for this Certina DS Podium

Hello, WatchCrunch Community! Got a question for you all about this Certina DS Podium. It is one of the watches I am auctioning on eBay to gather money for my nephew for a down payment on his first home. So far, it is the only watch without a bid, and I am a bit surprised at that.

I have it listed for no reserve at an initial bid of $130 and a buy it now price of $200. These are approximately the suggested prices from eBay. The watch itself is in excellent condition. It is an older model and has the ETA 2824-2 rather than the Powermatic 80 movement, so it only has the 38 hour power reserve but operates at 28,800 bph instead of 21.600 bph.

My question is simply this; do I have it listed at too high of a price? All the other watches I have listed have sold for the buy it now price or have at least one bid on them. I thought these prices were fair, but I am second guessing myself now. What do you think?


I would give it a little time.  That is not a brand that is well known outside of watch enthusiast communities in the U.S.  Let the bargain hunters pass and eventually the watch nerds will sniff it out.


I think that this may be your problem:

Would you prefer a used piece for $200 or would you pay an extra $30 for a brand new watch, (which while not identical is pretty close)?

Ultimately, I think it will sell, but probably for between $150-175.


@Candide3693 It appears I was close.  Looks like it went for $177.50.