Oris Frankenwatch!

Looks like the Frankenwatch industry in Mumbai has become aware of the oversaturation of the Seiko 5 Frankenwatches, so they are moving on to other brands. Suddenly I am seeing all sorts of vintage Oris watches for less than $50. 馃ぃ

They are doing it to JLC also, selling purported "Jaeger LeCoultre Club" models.

Seiko 5, Oris, Citizen, Titoni, Titus, Camy, Sandoz, Orient, Fortis, Ricoh, Favre Leuba, and Roemer, that's the short list of things that look odd from India. 聽I think that there are more franken Fortis and Camy on eBay than were ever exported to India.

Everyone needs to make a living. At the end of the day if it ticks I like it. Purity is for the wealthy countries to enjoy.

How do they make it so cheap?

Fortis is another brand ripped off in India!

Had a gold on gold on gold Citizen auto arrive today. At least it says Citizen on the dial, have not looked inside yet.

When the ebay seller's page got pulled while the watch was in transit I was worried I would get a rock-in-a-box but no, it looks like it did in the pics and looks nice, was packed fairly well too. The aftermarket goldy bracelet is jangly but I did not expect any better. At least this bracelet is thicker than a cheap Casio metal bracelet which could do double duty as a pizza cutter.

My seller is not from Mumbai but from Lucknow. I suspect the seller is still at it under a different seller name from the same Lucknow location. 聽For the price of a packet of cigarettes here in Oz I figured I would give it a shot.

Even if my latest aquisition only lasts a couple of years and craps out, that is cheap entertainment.