Iron Man Versus G Shock: Third Test Results

The third test is to see how well the watches hold up to dirt and grime. I strapped the watches to the soles of my wife’s gardening boots and let her wear them while she was gardening for an hour or so. I switched the watches on her feet halfway through this test. She just finished up with her gardening. You can see how the watches look after I knocked the majority of the dirt off. They both are still running, although the Iron Man was switched to the stopwatch, and I had to switch it back. Both watches have survived this test…we have another round without a clear winner.

They are rather dirty now, as you can see in the picture, so for the next test, I wanted to clean them up and test the water resistance of these watches. I am not certified to dive, so I had come up with a test that I think would simulate the conditions on a dive and would clean the watches at the same time. They are in the washing machine with a load of laundry right now, cold water, long cycle, and soap. I will be moving on to the last test once the washing machine is done.