Was it serviced?

I picked up this Omega Speedmaster 3210 a few months ago. I'm really happy with the watch and it's very accurate. I looked up the serial number and it's either from 2006 or 2007. I also noticed some black mark on the inside of the caseback. The mark and the fact that it's running so well leads me to believe it was serviced at some point.

Can any of you more experienced Omega owners help me understand if and when the watch was serviced?


No way of knowing without contacting either the previous owner or Omega (assuming that's where it was serviced)

Personally if it's running fine I'd just wear it & not worry. I'd guess a service would be around £1000 - ( my sm300 was £490)


The best way to confirm is too have the service receipt. I assume it did not come with papers. The sevice receipt should be included with those (if it had service).

That looks like a mark from manufacture but I can’t be positive.

Without a service history, the only way to tell is to take the whole movement apart and inspect the jewels for cleanliness and to check if they have proper oiling on all the points… so basically a servicing.

If it’s running well, I wouldn’t worry about it. Start putting some money aside and have it serviced in a year or two. That’s just my advice but I’m interested in hearing what other say.

I’m NOT a watchmaker.