Watches for the week...despite getting new ones

My original goal in doing my watches of the week was for me to rebuild appreciation for what I have and hopefully give a few thoughts others could use to rediscover a watch in their collection. Kind of an epic fail in using this as an appetite suppressant as I purchased two pieces that arrive this week. (W&W APDT & Long Island Watch Manhasset pink dial). You all can learn from my mistakes. People may look and say how do you mix an homage, a luxury, and a quartz chrono together? Easy, I pick what I like. I love my Davosa. It's sturdy (I've taken it surfing), great custome service, and it was my first big watch purchase as a birthday present. The Flighty is fun to use. The AirKing is the best stealth Rolex. That dial is so nuts, I never get bored (or OCD angry) as the brand has no other like it. Here for this week are my following; 

-Davosa Ternos diver green bezel and dial (Hulk homage) on a ZuluDiver NATO

-Rolex AirKing ref 116900 on the bracelet (my only one that I actually got from an AD and wrote a WC review)

-Seiko SNA411J1 Flightmaster on a ZuluDiver sailcloth strap with those 21mm lugs.