MoonSwatch Broke My Wife

On Friday night 25 March 2022, my wife decided it would be fun to take my 13yrs old son and drive up to King of Prussia Mall on the outskirts of Philadelphia and be one of the small throng to try and buy a MoonSwatch. My wife is from Philly originally so she called family, told them she was heading up, and drove from our house outside of DC. My bride was not a watch person at all...until this event. She liked the look of the Omega and Swatch collaboration and thought it might be fun for our family of 4 to each have watch we could swap amongst ourselves. My wife and son knew supplies were limited but decided it would be a fun pop culture moment to be a part of like camping out for the Rose Parade or staying outside of the theater for a Star Wars release. Like many, they left empty handed on the 26th after being some of the first in line at around 7:30 that fateful Saturday morning. I had to stay behind for a work meeting or I would've been there to share in the highs and lows.

Little did I know that this missed opportunity to acquire a MoonSwatch would change the course of her benign acceptance of my interest in watches to turning into a collector herself. A Gen Xer like me, my sweetheart began to reminisce about Swatch Watches from the 80s and started to discover other Swatch collections. Her first acquisition was the pictured For Your Eyes Only commemorative from the 2002 Bond 40th Anniversary collection. (In the second picture you can see the full collection in the case featured on the James Bond lifestyle website) Since then she's moved on to looking for artist collaborations, old jellies, and some rarer pieces that I've been sworn to secrecy on lest anyone reading this will compete against her. So thanks Omega, but more Swatch. Now I have to fight for spare change in the couch to compete against the other collector in the house

It sounds to me like it fixed her :-)

Great story - and outcome 馃憤