The NFL Draft is Thursday...what are you going to wear?

The closest thing I have to my beloved Patriots colors


馃槃 Good luck!

But it is an unacceptable choice of watch... Your most glorious pick came in the 6th round. This year you have 3 such picks (I think 馃槵) 3 divides 6. You won 6 championships. He wore number 12, which can be divided by 3 and by 6 (he would have taken 6 but he was twice as good as the others so it had to be 12 I guess). Furthermore, remember those 3 picks, well 6 also equals 12 / (6 / 3) and (12 / 6) * 3... Meanwhile you wear a Seiko FIVE (?!) and call yourself a fan. You need a Seiko 6 馃槣 don't you see the signs

馃槀 that all makes sense to me...searching for a Seiko 6

As i didn t have a purple watch, and my monster still is at Seiko, me thinks it ll be a casio, maybe my 7900

Purple People Eaters or Baltimore Purple?

People Eaters!馃槑

Whatever helps me time how long Roger Goodell gets boooo-ed for.

and yet this is the only day of the year he is actually liked...the big welcome to the NFL hugs, chest bumps etc...wonder what watches Roger has with his 40M/yr