Review - Raymond Weil Parsifal

I got this watch and I love it. Also I love the fact that it is from an independent manufacturer.

This watch contains a lot of 90s vibes with its intricate looks and two-tone. This watch, for all that I know, is no longer in production (I got last one from a store) and it is a reissue of a collection - Parsifal - of 1991. It, also, has a lot of elements of an earlier collection - Amadeus - from 1983.



The case is made of steel and has a gold plated bezel, crown, crown guard and links. The case is 41mm and has true integrated bracelet. The watch is 6mm thin. The crown has a blue spinel similar to Cartier, and the crown guard is gold plated hold by screws (real ones - not just for decorative purposes).The bezel has some bumps (8 in total) that play well with the light.


The dial is a textured white dial, with almost no reflection. The hands are beveled in the middle, and although small, play well with the light. The indexes are applied in the same gold tone as the hands. The only text, is printed - Brand and Geneve at 12, and Swiss made at 6 in the rehaut. The rehaut has a minute track. The date window is beveled and it is black on white. 


Crystal is flat saphire, with little to no reflection. There is a blue hue due to the massive AR coating on the crystal. 


The bracelet is quite remarkable! It is confortable and has a cross pattern making reference to the knights of the Holy Grail and the story of Parsifal from Richard Wagner. However  since it is a butterfly claps, it doesn't have micro-adjustement. 


This watch is a quartz, but there are older models with automatic movements. However I prefer it as a quartz, because the original one (of 1991) was lauched with a quartz.I don't know the quartz calibre name, but I questioned the company to give me that information.

I believe there is nothing like this in the current market. The most similar one that I can think is the Tudor Royal (the new one).

Review - Raymond Weil Parsifal

Yes No
  • Paper Thin
  • Exquisite Bracelet
  • Original Design - Reissue form 1991
  • Finish Quality
  • The second hand hits the marks
  • No micro adjustment
  • Quartz (some may see it as a disadvantage - I don't)
  • Just 50m of WR, unlike 300m from the tango collection


Oh the Noughties, so many memories of my young age. I remember we had a watch shop in a main street, they had some Raymond Weil watches in there. Sadly at that time it was like Patek for me "unclaimable peak", so I had to be happy with 15$ Q&Q  lol.  Thank you for the review and flashback👍 he-he.