Question re: Seiko SNK movement 7s26

Hey all - is the only difference between the older Seiko 5 SNK series and the newer SRP**** models, other than aesthetics, that the SNK has the 7s26? And if so, the newer 4r35/36 movements have hacking and handwinding?

There are a ton of inexpensive Seiko 5 autos out there, but want to be sure what I'm getting into if I pick one up.



Yes, you are correct. The older 7S26 movements do not hack or hand wind, while the 4R36 movements do. I also think the factory variances on the 4R36 are smaller, but I am not positive about that.


Thanks for the reply! Appreciate it.


The 7s26 is a basic movement which lacks hand winding and hacking. Other than that they are good workhorse movements that will just keep running without any issues. Just give the watch few shakes for 30 seconds before you put it on your wrist and you are good to go.

The bracelets in the older Seiko 5 out of the box are pretty bad unlike the newer ones, so have an 18mm leather strap in hand or get a replacement bracelet from Aliexpress.