Trying on watch at AD with steel bracelet- Dilemma

Hello everyone!

I hope it’s okay that I post twice today with questions.

I have 6 inch, very flat wrists and my wrist bone protrudes annoyingly far. Additionally, my wrist fluctuates in size so much throughout the day that all my watches are on nylon/leather/ non steel bracelets. The one watch I had with a bracelet just didn’t fit right when my wrist changed in size.

My question is: if I want to purchase a watch from an AD with a steel bracelet, am I kind of just running the risk of buying it, getting it sized there, and then finding out it’s not a good fit and I’m just out of luck? Or will an AD size a bracelet to allow me to try it on properly sized for me prior to purchase?

I’m assuming they won’t, but I just wanted to ask if anyone has had any experience with that.

Thank you!


I don't think so before purchasing. I would recommend if you want to wear a steel bracelet, you get one with an on-the-fly adjustment, so you can let it out yourself during the day. Many divers have that kind of bracelet. Also, a lot of microbrands offer them. The best one I have is on my Tsao Constellation. With that one, all you have to do is press two buttons on the clasp, and you can let it out as needed by about one and a half links worth.


Most shops will be pretty reluctant. I have had one offer but they generally don’t like to. It’s worth a shot to ask and at worst they’ll just say no. But I agree that you should look to pick something that comes with half links and/or sufficient micro adjust / on-the-fly adjustment. I have learned the hard way it is possible to fall in between link sizes if there aren’t enough micro adjustment holes!


AFAIK, once the bracelet's been adjusted, technically, it's considered a used watch. I guess some ADs might do it but I wouldn't count on it, though it can't hurt to ask.