Women have more options, really

I mean, I know that if we're talking about "proper" watches, then the ladies models are usually something like "shrink it and bedazzle it." 

But we can wear men's watches if we want to. And vintage men's watches are today's ladies' size. 

Plus, we can wear a fashion watch - even something very silly - without any judgement. 

I got this Swatch when I was going to Rome with my youngest. He saw it in the duty free and told me that I should buy it. So I did. He was just a little boy who couldn't buy anything, so this feels like he gave it to me. He did pick it. And I love it. 


I love it when women wear a men's sports watch that's just slightly too big. But I also appreciate the finer pieces too. Wear what you like and what makes you happy!


I totally agree with you. Women are lucky to enjoy a wider spectrum of the world. 

Enjoy the watch!