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BoyWonder25 ·

Great Surprise from AD!

What a great pick up! I spoke with my sales person a few weeks ago and gave him a few watches I was interested in and he said he would call me if he g...
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BoyWonder25 ·

Interesting issue on BB58

Hello everyone. Woke up to put my watch on this morning and the 4oclock hour marker was missing and had moved up to the 12 position. No drops or anyth...
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Finally got this classic dress piece.

I had been looking for a change up piece with my sports casual oriented collection. Now I have something dressier and something rectangular checking o...
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BoyWonder25 commented on Omega Railmaster vs. Tudor Ranger ·

Not a fan of that Tudor. Of the 2 I’d go Railmaster.

BoyWonder25 commented on My current dreamy trio ·

So it’s daily - Explorer 2

Dressier - DJ

Adventure/vacation - Planet ocean

That works.

I went

Diver / Chrono/ GMT because for me any of these 3 are dressy enough for occasional suit wear for me.

Sub no date, speedy hesalite, and GMT Pepsi are my 3. Usually I rotate sub and speedy is my leather strap change up watch. Pepsi is for date night and special occasions.

BoyWonder25 commented on Diver with a suit? ·

I’d say it works with a qualifier. A Seiko Arnie on rubber strap is a lot different than a Submariner on bracelet with a suit. But hey I am not the fashion police , most people wear their iwatch with anything.

BoyWonder25 commented on Hot Take: Quality and Price Don’t Equate ·

Exactly. Also if I’m paying 5-10k for a watch it better have a comfortable bracelet with micro adjust that doesn’t look ugly, dated, non tapering, and thick. Here’s looking at you Omega Seamaster. Just my opinion.

BoyWonder25 commented on Hot Take: Quality and Price Don’t Equate ·

Eh to me the fit and finish for Rolex is noticeably better than Omega or others. It’s up to the market to decide how much more they wanna spend for one product vs another. No one is wrong it’s just a different opinion.

BoyWonder25 commented on Great Surprise from AD! ·

Lol. No it’s brand new.

BoyWonder25 commented on What got you into horology and collecting? ·

I’d say it started with seeing my favorite characters on TV and in movies growing up wearing various different watches. Couple of things come to mind such as James Bond movies, Macgyver, Magnum PI, etc…

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BoyWonder25 ·

What is your favorite GS of the 3?

I’ve narrowed my choices down to 3. I’ll try them all one more time and make a call. Just curious what does our watch crunch community think? Just as an FYI this pick up is part of a collection so it...
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BoyWonder25 ·

SOTC - 2022 NYE day

Have made a few trade outs this year but this is what I have as of today. I look forward to 2023 and a couple acquisitions that may include Cartier ,...
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BoyWonder25 ·

Seiko King Turtle SRPE05

Trying to get a head count on how many watch crunchers enjoy the turtle. Reply with a wrist shot if you own a green King Turtle. What a great value di...
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BoyWonder25 ·

Anyone interested in a watch meet up in the Las Vegas area?

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