New Video: My Grail watch, and why

Trying to explain my fascination with this watch .. What is your grail watch and what is a grail watch to you ?聽

I'll start with the "what is a grail watch?". The grail was never found. No one ever obtained it. So, for me, it's a watch I'll probably never buy. So many people say they bought their grail. But, did you? Whither you decide to spend the money or you saved up to buy it, then it was obtainable and not really a grail.

Now on to the second part. What is MY grail? I know I will not spend over $1k on a watch in the foreseeable future. Then, at this point in time, it would be an Omega speedmaster moon watch. I've gone back and forth on getting a homage because I love that watch. But it doesn't feel right and kind of muddies the idea of the original. So I sit wanting a watch I'll never obtain. Always out of reach. Perhaps one day I can call myself Percival and the quest will be over.

sums up my feeling for a grail perfectly. 馃