Just a quick thanks with some sunday experimental B-roll

4K! Thank you for following ! Here is a quick sexy shot of that #glashutte #panoreserve 馃崙 #shorts


I just passed the mini subscriber milestone on YT that is 4k. So thank you all who have been following me on there. It's a feet back on earth experience trying to gain some traction there, not the same fast ride as on Instagram but I'm happy none the less. With 20h-30h going into a single video I just can't put out enough content fast enough to ride the algo waves there. But I get to shoot the watches I like talking about. so 馃檹

I got a couple of amazing Glashutte watches coming up next, and I might have managed to get my hands on both a zenith sport & daytona white dial and a crazy 50th anniversary AP. But my heart is still with the more attainable spectrum so I'm curious to hear what kind of watches or content do you like to watch ? With a focus on watches & brands. Not everything that surrounds it.

Again. Thanks all.

Enjoy your Sundays, guess I got macro Monday sorted with this shot :)



On it !