Still in awe with this beauty (GS SBGA415)

First post! 馃

New kid on the block here! I must say, this is such a great community of watch lovers! Been enjoying reading the threads and everyone鈥檚 just so respectful of each other. So happy to join this fine group!

Day 2 with my SBGA415 and I just can鈥檛 stop staring at it. After months of checking this at our local AD, I finally jumped the gun. Sort of a gift for myself for surviving the most toxic precious months 馃槄. I鈥檓 starting to think that this will get the most wrist time and the rest of my watches will just stay in their boxes for a long time 馃槄

Great looking watch...enjoy

Welcome to the community, great watch for your first post (go on give us some piccys, just to make me jealous馃)

Great watch, I鈥檝e been very happy with mine going on 4 years now. Enjoy!

Welcome, Deonne - lovely Spring Drive, thanks for the shot. Don't think I'd preciously appreciated the lugs on this model (hard to see past that stunning dial, admittedly...)

Enjoy the watch bro!