Keep or Not

Me personally I would say I do both because you can't take it with you you might be able to put one no more than two watches on you while you're in the casket then if you want to rest in peace I wouldn't wear them in your casket cuz most likely they're going to dig you up just to get to watches lol. I've seen people take so much crap off dead bodies in casket it's ridiculous everything from pinky rings to bracelets to watches one time this lady stole the shoes right off of her friend and was first saying that the stilettos were hers then she said if anything happened to her friend that she was supposed to get the red bottom stilettos. The thing is that they tell themselves that he doesn't need it where he's going and I'm not hurting nobody so tomorrow of what I'm talking about you don't want your grade dug up to get your personal items. You see I'll buy them and admiring them for a while show it off I don't brag on how much I spent unless they ask me but I just enjoyed the look at it the crappiness to me it's not about keeping all of it I give mine to the most special people in my life so whatever they cost doesn't matter they have a piece of me when I'm going


I’ve never sold a watch I’ve worn. I do give them away. 

My wife points out I could fund new watches much easier if I let them go but…


Ever heard of a potlatch?

A potlatch is a gift-giving feast practiced by Indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest Coast of Canada and the United States […]

A potlatch involves giving away or destroying wealth or valuable items in order to demonstrate a leader’s wealth and power. Potlatches are also focused on the reaffirmation of family, clan, and international connections, and the human connection with the supernatural world. […] Potlatches often involve music, dancing, singing, storytelling, making speeches, and often joking and games. The honouring of the supernatural and the recitation of oral histories are a central part of many potlatches.

It’s such a beautiful idea. What you do sounds somewhat similar, but maybe without a big event. I don’t have a lot of watches, but I try to live my life in a related way, constantly shedding excess and finding better homes for what I don’t need.