New day, new GS releases. SLGH019

I feel like 2022 has been a very busy year for Grand Seiko. At this point I check my instagram feed to see if they have a new release of the day 🤣. I actually took a look at their boutique online to get a general idea of how many new releases they have put out some my LE new release, the SLGH009 came out in February. The count was 30 🤯

Whether you are pro multiple new releases an LEs a year or not, I do think the new SLGH019 is damn sexy. The Mt. Iwate dial on an evo 9 model in titanium with their new 9SA5 will check a lot of boxes for folks. And I’m loving that it’s not a limited edition!  

Personally, my favorite case design from GS is the 44GS, but this new model sure it a looker! 


I was traveling in Osaka last weekend and I stopped in the Grand Seiko store while I was there.  They had 2 new dress watches on display there that had the old school Seiko and Grand Seiko double branding on the dial.  I am kicking myself for not taking pictures or taking note of the model numbers, as I can’t find them on the internet now.  I am a big GS fan, and I especially like their older branding with both Seiko and Grand Seiko on the dial.


It’s settled no one does dial finishing better than Grand Seiko This SLGH019 looks so so good 🤘🏼


BIG, LOYAL fan of GS, but they really gotta cool it with their releases. I dont want them to be the next Panerai… 🥲