Anyone heard of this one? Timex x Finesterre

The build quality on this watch is amazing.

It's a Timex x Finesterre collaboration quartz watch with a date and a tide function for surfers, sailors and fishermen. 

Only 400 pieces made and if I'm not mistaken the nylon strap is recycled plastic from strap company named "Tide" as part of the collaboration.

What do you think of this collaboration and Timex collaborations in general?


Looks nice! I grew up clamming and crabbing with my family, so I’m kind of a sucker for tide functions.

I have a soft spot for Timex because I remember the ads from when I was a kid. They seem to be in a great place right now with their own designs, often using their archives (did you see the Q Timex 1972 Reissue that came out yesterday?) and with their many collaborations. I like what they are doing. Some other things I like about Timex: (1) affordable, (2) simple name and logo, (3) they don’t tend to clutter their dials with non-functional text, (4) recent California dials (big fan of Cali dials), especially the one below, and (5) the new Giorgio Galli S1 Automatic.

One thing I do not really like – and this is not just Timex – is the fabricated scarcity of limited editions (specifically those that are factory made). For me, that just comes off more as hype than love for the watches themselves.


(photo from MTR Watches)


Man, I really enjoy reading your replies and your posts.

I didn't know about the 1972 reissue, it's insane looking. Not so many brands would be that gutsy with such a retro design. I love it, and one of my favorites is the 1978 reissue.

I agree with your comment except 2 parts; I tried to like the Giorgio Gali but I couldn't. I promise.

The limited editions part I agree with, unless I can snag one then I'm totally for it 🤣. 

Seriously though, I don't understand the specific number the watch companies come up with. Why 400 in this case? 

I understood the NN07 Collab was 777 watches. Makes sense, kinda.

One thing I don't know the answer for sure, why collaborations are limited? Do the collaborating companies require that as a stipulation? Or is it a fabricated scarcity as you mentioned? If it's fabricated scarcity why they don't do it with other lines to create hype and push sales?