New Watch - New Spinnaker HASS

On my last trips to the sea and the mountains I had the new spinnaker Hass with me.

For the new version, Spinnaker takes the existing design and updates it a little - It now comes with an automatic movement, and it also has a day + date display and a more present and higher quality bezel.

The bezel is a steel bezel with painted and engraved markers.
I find that this fits perfectly with the design of the watch, and it is also rare to find this in this price range, but rather in more expensive watches. 

Furthermore, the watch has a 43mm diameter, 15.3 mm high and what I consider to be the most important spec - 50.5mm lug to lug.
With a lug to lug of "only" 50.5mm, it can also be worn with a 43mm diameter by people who have a rather narrow wrist.

There are enough watches with a diameter of 40-42mm that have a lug to lug of over 52mm, making them unwearable for wrists under 17cm.

The new Hass can also be worn with a narrow wrist, but also if you have a wide wrist of over 18cm.

The casebuild is - as usual with Spinnaker - one of the better ones in the price range up to $750.
You can't go wrong here and don't have to worry about poor quality.
The movement is a Japanese automatic, which runs reliably and suits the watch very well.

I had a lot of fun with the watch on my trips and was able to test it extensively in the water.
It sits well on the arm, runs perfectly and is a beautiful eye-catcher.
Especially because of the colour highlights on the dial, which give the dark dial that extra something.