Clean Dresswatch by DuFa

A Dresswatch in Bauhaus style - but is it Bauhaus Style while the model is called "Aalto"?!

Let`s see !

What one usually associates with expensive luxury brands from Germany is shown here in a likewise very chic guise, but at the same time also in the budget range.

The "Aalto" model from the DuFa - Deutsche Uhrenfabrik - brand comes in 42mm and with a very nice height of a pleasant 13mm.

Interestingly, it comes with a custom proprietary automatic movement by Miyota, which is evident on the dial.

The name Aalto comes from the Finnish designer Alvar Aalto.

The Aalto design as well as Bauhaus are part of the "human modernity". Without diving too deeply into the history of design, it can be said that there are many similarities.

With the Aalto, for example, we have a very minimalist watch that looks very elegant and yet is not conventional, but timelessly beautiful.

The dial looks very different in different lights, but always beautiful.

I have tried to show this in the pictures.

The second hand and the power reserve in blue are small highlights that know to convince.

But while I`m speaking of "small".

The indications on the dial could be described as small.

They are ideally chosen for the minimalist dial and here the custom proprietary automatic movement pops out, which makes the arrangement of the complications possible.

These are the power reserve, day, date and month.

Some may find the indications too small, but I think the size was chosen to fit the design idea.

The casebuild is very good for the price range of the watch and is convincing.

The leather strap that comes with the watch feels nice and invites you to wear it.

All in all, the Aalto is a very special dress watch. It looks classy and clean, and yet it is something different that you don't see very often.

I like it on my arm.

What do you think about this dress watch?