Is the 42mm Pelagos next to get METAS?

I am looking to buy a Tudor pelagos probably next year for my 30th birthday. As such I am very interested in the trajectory of the pelagos in the short term. With the release of the black bay burgundy being the first โ€œ3rd Genโ€ black bay getting METAS certified, slightly thinner, and some other cosmetic updates, I was curious if the Pelagos is next due for a new generation.

History of the two models:

2012 - introduction of both the ETA black bay and Pelagos

2015 - pelagos gets a 2nd generation with in house movements

2016 - black bay gets a second generation with in house movements

2023 - black bay introduces the 3rd Gen

What is interesting is that when the 2nd Gen black bay was introduced they immediately updated all models with the in house movement. With the 3rd Gen they currently only sell the red bezel model in 3rd Gen, and sell it along side the rest of the models still being 2nd Gen. Maybe that is due to limited number of METAS testing they can do until the new factory is fully up and running? Due to that maybe they will focus on getting the full black bay lineup updated before moving on to the Pelagos? On the other hand Tudor has been putting more emphasis on the Pelagos with the FXD and P39. It would make sense they would try to maintain that momentum with an update to the now 8 year old 42mm models.

What are your thoughts, is the Pelagos due for an update? If so what do you think they should change to the 42mm models outside of METAS certification


Tudor advertised METAS will be present in many watches to come in future so probably Pelagos is in the line but can never say when they release the updated versions.


I was told they don't have the capacity for the certification at the moment but it is coming ... that was at an AD so take it with a bucket of salt ๐Ÿซฃ


Iโ€™m waiting for the Pelagos 39 blue or green ๐Ÿ˜