Alexander - Journeyman A171 - Sometimes less is more!

Alexander Watches is not a company I'm too familiar with, but I understand they are a Brooklyn based company who design in house and manufacture in Switzerland.

The spiel on their website says "Alexander is a collaboration between artists, designers, free thinkers, the movers, and the shakers. We’re more than a watch company, we’re an incubator for inspiring ideas. An open exchange of creativity and passion channeled into beautiful timepieces".

Apologies to anyone who owns one of these but I think they've let their creative juices go too far. Well too far for me anyway.

At a glance it's a decent looking watch and I was immediately drawn in with the map of Australia being prominent on the dial. Upon closer inspection though the "artists, designers, free thinkers, the movers, and the shakers" have jacked this up like one of those bad tattoos on Ink Master where the line work is blown out.


The blue line does not in anyway represent what you see in the true map of Australia. And not just Australia but all of the other countries too. If only they'd stayed true to what is visible behind and added a true outline, this could have been a promising watch.

Sadly this is a case of an artist being given creative freedom and rather than creating something beautiful, have in fact ruined a fine watch in the process.

Sorry Alexander Watches, but you do not have what it takes to be Ink Master (or should that be Watch Master).


That has to be one of the most off-putting spiels ever.


That has to be one of the most off-putting spiels ever.

I know right 🤢🤮🤮🤮


That is an awful dial for a world timer. Is Omega the only company that can make a decent rendering of a world map?