Do you use books as props?

Personally, I don't like using these books as props. They are as precious to me as my watches. More importantly, they hold a rich history of some iconic timepieces! Sure they look cool as a backdrop but they deserve their own post I think.

I've done it, but usually when typically when the book actually had some, however tangential, reference to the watch.

I wouldn't use horological books because I don't own them and that seems like wearing the band t-shirt to the concert.

No need since graduation!!

i have a few kinfolk books as a prop 馃槀. mostly because their cover looks nice

There ought to be a book in every shot. 聽It is the watch that is optional.

I don't own any glossy watch books, but if I am going to drape a 70 year old Omega over a prop you bet it will be over something like On the Consolation of Philosophy. 聽I want all of the Boethius stans to self-identify.

(Thus far on this site I have used: 聽Arthur Schopenhauer, Collected Writings; H.G. Wells, The Outline of History; and Martin Buber's I and Thou.)